Implementation of Periodic Evaluation System and Competency SkillBox is done accordingly to the technological and design posibilities of the client

wdrożenie skillbox

1. Analysis of needs

2. Consulting work

3. Implementation

4. Activation

wdrożenie skillbox

Stages of implementation

We divide the implementation into stages to make sure we will deliver our solutions in efficient way. During the implementation we are ensure a support for the launch and tool configuration. At one's disposal will be as well an experienced and professional consulting team, that will support construction and creation of Skill Matrix, Periodic Evaluation System ant others SkillBox elemets.

Analysis of needs

Analysis of a current state, which means it is an analysis of business processes as well as definition of what are the business needs. On this level we determine technical premisses for the system implementation and premisses for integration of payroll system that the client already have.

Consulting work

We are offering consulting support in range of creating and building Skills Matrix as well as premisses for remaining system modules like Periodic Evaluation System. We are operacting with workshop methodology - we are creating a project team and with them we are working on the premisses for specific modules.


This stage covers instalation of application and integration with payroll system. If, during the pre-implementation analysis new functions are defined, they are also implement together with system installation.

wdrożenie skillbox


After the installation we pass the aplication for testing. Testing is done by chosen final users. We are stabilizing the system, training administrators and users as well as we are finishing final personalisations.


The Saas model shares the application into our technological infrasturcture. Access to the appliction is done by purchasing license for the specific time.


Model On-Premise is an implementation model done in client habitat and infrastucture. In this way of implementation we are personalising the application according to the company needs and we are intergrating SkillBox with payroll system that is already functioning. This kind of system is as perpetual license offer.


Possibility of connecting SaaS and On-Premise model by having our IT infrastructure lease with simultaneous tool adjustment for bussines needs.