What is a competence matrix and why is it worth using?

A competence matrix is a tool that allows for the identification and visualization of the skills and knowledge of employees in a specific area. This is particularly crucial in today’s constantly changing business landscape, where so many industries and sectors are experiencing continuous change and new challenges that require teams to be flexible, innovative, and quick to respond to changing conditions.

A competence matrix is often used in the human resources management process as a tool for assessing employees’ skills and abilities, as well as for planning training and career development. It is usually presented in a tabular or graphic form, with individual competencies listed in columns and levels of proficiency in rows.

Why is a competence matrix so important?

1. It allows for the identification of the level of competence within an organization and the identification of knowledge and skills gaps in the team.
2. It enables individual employee development planning and adjustment of training activities to organizational needs.
3. By continuously monitoring the level of competence, an organization can better prepare for future challenges and changes in the market.

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One of the most crucial elements of a competence matrix is the determination of proficiency levels in a particular field. A scale from 1 to 5 is often used, with 1 indicating a basic level of knowledge and 5 indicating a highly advanced level.

For example, a competence matrix for programmers might include skills such as knowledge of programming languages, analytical skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and technical and project skills.

After determining employees’ skills levels using the aforementioned scale, we can visualize the level of knowledge and skills holistically, which allows us to immediately see, among other things, the differences in competencies between employees, enabling fair and accurate decision-making regarding issues such as salary increases.

You can learn more about competence matrices here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_SjDn7ARjw&t=2s&ab_channel=Twardoomi%C4%99kkim


A competence matrix is an indispensable tool for any organization that wants to be flexible and innovative in today’s world and adapt to changing market conditions. Through the use of a competence matrix, an organization can better manage its human resources and provide employees with faster and more effective career development.

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