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Who is our system for?
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it in your company?

SkillBox is a comprehensive Human Capital Balance which which you will gain a competitive advantage for your company.

SkillBox is dedicated to all companies that want to improve the employee development process.
By implementing this tool, you gain one employee evaluation standard, quick reporting on the potential of the employees in the organization, automation of processes related to training management in your company.

Until now we were using a matrix createtd in Excel sheet that we were successively developing according to our needs. Our goal was to keep it in a transparent manner as wellt hat it will be intuitive in using, and because the growing needs of functionality expetctations prompted us to change the Excel sheet to a dedicated softer – the Competency Matrix SkillBox.

Karol Kubiak Solaris Bus&Coach
Employee evaluation
Employee development path
Competence mapping
Managing company’s documentation
Notifications system
Defining competency gaps and excesses
Creating simulations

For Superiors

  • Employee competence and skills assessment as well as planning their development paths.
  • Visualisation of the level of meeting the expectations of employees, e.g. as part of a job position
  • Comprehensive information about potential within the team
  • Automatic verification of the current qualifications of employees
  • Setting goals for employees along with the possibility of their settlement
  • Registration of events that support the objective periodic assessment
  • Planning budgets for trainings of your area and their implementation
  • Support in the distribution of company documentation
  • Multidimensional reports supporting the decision-making process

For HR department

  • Automation and standardisation of processes related to employee evaluation and development
  • The ability to manage data on the assessment of employee skills and competences for the entire organization
  • Objective data supporting personnel decisions
  • Verification of the current qualifications of employees
  • Coordination of the training budgeting process and its implementation
  • Coordination of the Employee Periodic Assessment process
  • Support in the distribution of company documentation
  • The ability to generate reports for the entire organization

For the Quality Control Department

  • Support during audits , e.g. IATF, ISO
  • Quick access to information on the skills of individual teams
  • Monitoring the degree of familiarisation with the required documentation
  • The ability to send quick notifications to employees, e.g. about a customer’s complaint
  • Planning training paths

For Employees

  • View of assessed skills
  • Possibility to propose an evaluation, register an event in the system
  • Feedback on expectations towards the employee, e.g. a part of the job possition
  • Preview as well as the possibility to complete the Annual Periodic Assessment
  • Access to registered qualifications (entitlements, trainings)
  • Possibility to sign up for training
  • Access to company documentation

Why our system
Skillbox vs Excel

System logic and the independence of the administrator are of particular value to me. In the modules implemented so far, I have acquired skills that allow me to respond to the needs of managers on my own in a relatively short time and making changes.

Katarzyna Grygiel Jost Polska Sp. z o.o.
Microsoft Office Excel
The xls spreadsheet works for smaller companies or when the matrix encompasses only selected departments in the company.
Limited access
Data standard
Few independent files
No possibility of tracking changes
Most oft he time one file refers to one process
Simple reports
Data safety
File ovner takes care of data safety
Data managing
Files are mange by different people
Process automation
Access to data for employees
Automatic e-mail notofications
SkillBox Competence Matrix
The system works when the skill matrix covers few or several of the work fields and many employees have access to the system.
Data standard
One data standard
History is saved in real time
Possibility of adding few processes in one overview
Reports with built-in data interpretation logic
Data safety
Authentication-based login mechanism and permission-based views
Data managing
System is manage by an administrator
Process automation
Yes - depending on chosen moduls
Access to data for employees
My SkillBox – employee panel
Automatic e-mail notofications
The ability to personalize notificaions for chosen employees groups

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We provide substantive support
on any cooperation step.

We provide consulting, professional buisness support in HR range.

During implementation we pay great attention to Your needs – we define the process and business needs. On this stage functional assumptions arise, process mapping as well as intergration with payroll system.

Analysis of needs

We support our Clients in process optimization related with employee development. We help with working out competency models in both soft and hard skills.

Consulting works

This stage includes all IT works connected with implementation additional assumptions, application instalation, connection with payroll system and system parameterization in accordance to Customer needs.


This stage is assumed first a test run oft he application often based on a selectet users group, stabilization period and proper start oft he system. We provide training for system administrator and his key workers.


During years of working on Compenecy Matrix as well as periodic evaluation system we work out standards that in efficient way allows your organisation to transfer easly thru implementation of empolyee evaluation process.


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User feedback is our best showpiece
Katarzyna GrygielHR Manager

For our organization in Poland, we were looking for a system that would support us in the implementation of several personnel processes. We are currently implementing a part of the system – the skills matrix, skill profiles, health and safety matrix, medical examinations and reports.

The most challenging part of the implementation so far has been working on the skills. It is a good opportunity for supervisors to update the matrices carried out so far and to analyze the skill profiles in their areas…

Arleta GmysHuman Resource and Administration Magager

We hereby confirm that we have been cooperating with KDR Solutions Sp. z o.o. based in Bydgoszcz. As part of the cooperation, the SkillBox system was implemented in the following areas:

  • – Periodic Assessment System
  • – Skill Matrices
  • – Reports

Ultimately, the implementation will be extended with new modules. We evaluate the cooperation with KDR Solutions positively, both in terms of content, support during system implementation and helpdesk service. We see KDR Solutions as a reliable business partner.

Patryk Kawa, Dariusz MichalakMembers oft the Board

Solaris Bus & Coach confirms that from 2020 it has been cooperating with KDR Solutions Sp. z o.o. based in Bydgoszcz.
As part of the cooperation, an IT solution in the HR area was implemented – the SkillBox Competence Matrix system, which supports our company in the field of:

  • – Skills Matrices – Assessment and Development Planning
  • – Qualification Matrices – supervision over the timeliness of employee qualifications
  • – Reports – employee development analyzes and competency gaps and excesses
Dorota HynekHR Manager

Federal – Mogul Bimet S.A. (Tenneco Group) confirms that it has been cooperating since 2018 with KDR Solutions Sp. z o.o. based in Bydgoszcz.
As part of the cooperation, an IT solution in the HR area was implemented – the SkillBox Competence Matrix system, which supports our company in the field of:

  • – Skill Matrices – assess employees’ skills and plan their development

As part of the implementation, the KDR Solutions advisory team conducted consulting workshops to develop a policy for assessing employees’ skills. Further modules are planned to be implemented, incl. in terms of:

  • – Qualification Matrices,
  • – Documents and Alerts.

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You can test managing of human capital with professional Competency Matrix in spreadsheet.