How can I access the demo version?

In order to gain access, fill in the form under the button “Order DEMO” in the top bar of the page. After the presentation, our consultant will provide access to the system, providing the login and password for the demo version. Access to the demo version of the system lasts 21 days and is completely free of charge.

Can the SkillBox Competence Matrix be integrated with the HR and payroll system?

The SkillBox Competence Matrix can operate independently, however, we recommend a combination with the HR and payroll system. We integrate with commonly used systems such as: Optima, Enova, Symfonia, TETA, SAP, Asseco. If you have a different system, please contact us and we will surely find a solution. The connection ensures automatic updating of the base of employees (newly hired and dismissed), assignment to the appropriate organizational structure, information on the dates of validity of employee contracts, validity dates and employee training.

Does the SkillBox Matrix have import functions from existing excel files?

Yes. During the implementation, we often find that the company has similar matrices developed in spreadsheets. We also recommend that you calibrate them before importing them – i.e. unify the names and dictionaries throughout the company. Data import can be performed using exchange files in csv, text or any other format prepared by the customer.

What if the company does not have defined competences?

During workshops and moderated sessions, our consulting team helps to develop skills and competences as well as all the necessary dictionaries.

How many people can use the SkillBox matrix at the same time?

According to the number of licenses purchased. The system is multi-access. Each of the users receives their own rights to both employees and specific functionalities in the system.

What are the licensing and empowerment rules for the SkillBox Competency Matrix?

The SkillBox Competence Matrix license is sold for the number of employees it supports. Each of them has access to the system according to the level of authorization, e.g. administrator / management board – to all employees, manager – to the data of the subordinate team, employee – to their own data. In the event of a company’s development and an increase in the number of employees, an additional license package for new users can be purchased at any time.

In the SkillBox Matrix, is it possible to assess typically administrative skills and soft skills, not just production ones?

Yes. Depending on the client’s needs and the scope of implementation, it is possible to divide the matrices into specific groups, e.g. production, non-production and company-wide competences. In addition, the SkillBox Competence Matrix can be expanded with the Periodic Assessment System module, where it is possible to introduce development competences and a behavioral scale (determined by the scale of behavior), such as e.g. communication skills or team cooperation.

Can I add or change the names of competences? If so, can I do it myself?

Yes, there are no limits. The tool is adapted to the development along with the company’s development. Persons with appropriate authorization can add new or archive old competences / skills.

Can the grading scale be changed?

Yes. Each time, during implementation, it is developed and adapted to the company’s requirements. The administrator on the client’s side has permissions that allow you to change the rating scale, if necessary.

Does SkillBox retain the competency assessments of employees who have terminated their cooperation and returned to the company?

Yes, SkillBox keeps a full history along with who made the assessment, when and in what area.

Can they be additional in addition to the indicated reports in the demo version? If so, how many?

Yes, the reports module allows you to define reports according to the company’s needs. Each time, in addition to the standard ones, they are defined during implementation for the company’s needs. You can also use the report generator that is available in the system.

How do employees have access to the SkillBox system?

Users – employees log into the system with a login and password or through RCP cards (if the Company has, for example, infokiosks).

Is it possible to issue an application for delegating an employee to another department in SkillBox?

Yes, the electronic workflow of the secondment application and the assignment to a specific department. The know-how of the SkillBox Competence Matrix is ​​the ability to use the same competence from the dictionary in several places of the organizational structure, thanks to which we receive information about the possibility of moving or delegating an employee to another area, because he has the appropriate skills. During the secondment, the temporary supervisor can also evaluate the acquired new skills or qualifications.

On whose server is SkillBox installed: supplier or customer?

Both options are possible.

What browsers does SkillBox work with?

SkillBox works with most available browsers. We recommend at least: Microsoft Internet Explorer10, Firefox15, Google Chrome11.

Will we be trained by the SkillBox Matrix Provider?

Yes, we provide training in the use of the tool. Also after the implementation period, we provide support for users as part of the maintenance service.

How much does the SkillBox Competence Matrix cost?

The pricing depends on the selected SkillBox functionalities and the number of users. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What in case of possible failures in the functioning of SkillBox?

We provide application maintenance and support through the HelpDesk ticket system.

Is the stored data safe and compliant with the GDPR requirements?

We guarantee the highest level of security. We recommend installing the solution on your servers. The data may also be stored with a trusted provider. The system also meets all obligations under the GDPR.

Do you have any more questions?

Write to us, we will be happy to help you get to know the possibilities of the SkillBox Competence Matrix better.

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