Mobile application
privacy policy

The company KDR Solutions Sp. z o.o. respects the right of users of the applications created by it to privacy and declares that it makes every effort not to collect any data except for those necessary for the proper functioning of the application or the collection of which is intended to increase the usability of the company’s products.

  1. The mobile application allows you to verify the identity of users, user data is not shared by the Service Provider with any third parties.
  2. The anonymous identifier of the mobile application and information provided by the operating systems of the mobile device (brand, model, hardware identifier of the mobile device) are sent to the SkillBox System upon activation of the device in the mobile application and to verify the authenticity of the mobile application. The mobile application communicates with the SkillBox System using encryption mechanisms.
  3. Using the Mobile Applications requires a mobile device with iOS or Android and an Internet connection in the form of an enabled data transmission package or an enabled Wi-Fi connection.
  4. The application can use the following permissions:
    • Memory – SD card – thanks to this permission, the application can save data in the device’s memory.
    • Full network access – in most cases required to update data and view some data while browsing, online.
    • Camera Access – permission needed for functionalities that require taking a photo, for QR / barcode scanners.
    • Access to the Photo Gallery – used only in the functionalities that allow you to attach photos to the application.
    • The application collects identifiers of users’ devices (brand, model, hardware identifier of the mobile device and the version of the device system) in order to provide the user with a mechanism by which he can verify on which devices he is currently logged into the application.
    • The mobile application allows access to system data in the field of My SkillBox (for employees). Thanks to it, an employee can check information on, for example, planned development in any place.

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not install or uninstall the Application. Permanent removal of the Application from the mobile device is tantamount to the termination of the use of the Application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

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