Productivity tracking portals and apps – for remote workers and more

Productivity tracking portals and apps – for remote workers and more
Productivity is an important determinant of employee effectiveness. While not always accurate, it is one way to monitor team performance. Here is a compilation of programs that allow you to track employee productivity – both by employers and themselves.

Working at a computer – whether remote or stationary – exposes employees to a number of temptations and the so-called distractors. Especially in this day and age of social media, cutting yourself off from the constant flow of information can be a real challenge. Invest in productivity tracking software and applications to help your employees stay focused and focused on their work over a period of time. These are tools that will be great for remote work, but also help stationary employees. Both employers and employees themselves can use them – to check their own work progress and measure results.


DeskTime is a classic employee performance tracking tool. Simple, intuitive and multifunctional – it will work well in various industries and teams of all sizes. According to research, it increases employee productivity by up to 30% after the first few weeks of use. DeskTime helps employers know how their subordinates spend their time online and offline. The software can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, as well as in the form of a web application and SaaS.


Teramind is one of the most comprehensive and advanced tools for monitoring employee productivity. It is highly automated and allows you to carry out very detailed reports and analyzes. The platform also has the function of verifying which employees are active on an ongoing basis and what they do during their activity. The software is very easy and safe to use. It protects data and prevents leakage of information on employees. It also allows you to set a specific code of behavior of team members, blocking or flagging prohibited activities based on it.


Rescuetime is one of the most popular Chrome search extensions for productivity tracking. Rescuetime works on the principle of signals sent to a website, on the basis of which we can check information about productivity. There you will also find a summary of the time spent on specific websites, websites and projects. Rescuetime is designed to monitor their own work – stationary workers can therefore be encouraged to install the extension and monitor performance themselves.


Asana is a powerful tool that facilitates teamwork. In a simple interface, it collects tasks, projects, dashboards and messaging so that all colleagues know exactly where their activities are at. Asana allows you to share work among subcontractors, making it easier to delegate and manage responsibilities on the part of the manager or project manager. It is an excellent tool for tracking the progress of ongoing projects.


Clockify is a simple website that comes in free and premium versions. It was designed to monitor one’s own work. Although it does not have the complex functions characteristic of other programs mentioned here, its great advantage is the ease of use. Clockify is transparent, intuitive and collects only the most necessary information about the project, its duration and income. It’s a great tool for freelancers and remote workers with flexible hours.


Worktime is another simple yet extremely effective work monitoring tool. Free from embellishments, it takes the form of a multi-tier cloud-based service that works well for small and large corporations. Worktime allows you to monitor your employees’ online activity and check which applications they use most often. It also records the start and end times for each team member.


Vericlock is perhaps the most extensive tool on the list. Equipped with GPS location, it allows you to monitor employee activity on all devices in the platform’s network. Vericlock allows employees to check in and out with a text message or phone. It also has a counting time function, thanks to which managers can check the number of working hours of their subordinates on an ongoing basis. Vericlock generates reports on employee performance, on the basis of which it calculates salaries or costs.

The above list of applications will help you track employee productivity and give you a better overview of their tasks. While not the only one, it’s a good way to monitor your team’s performance.

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