Why it is worth investing in training

Are training and development only costs?

Unfortunately, many employers are still convinced that investing (money, energy, time) in employee development is a waste of money. It seems that the main reason for reluctance is the fear that the employee will leave the organization after some time, so his knowledge and skills, for which the entrepreneur has paid for development, will serve someone else. They forget, however, that professional development is important for employees, and the lack of it may be the basis for making a decision to change jobs.

Employers realize that the basis for every business is the right people, but investing in employee development does not always play an important role in the company’s development strategy. Because the development of an employee is the development of the company.
Properly trained staff ensures a higher level of work quality. It also significantly influences the effectiveness of the work performed.
Trained employees with high competences are able to significantly improve the quality of performed tasks and, thanks to their knowledge and experience, minimize the mistakes made or correct them quickly. They also have the so-called “Business-owner mind set”, that is, they have a greater sense of responsibility and treat the organization as their own company.

Investing in knowledge also means knowing new tools, techniques and methods that enable you to work more efficiently. The level of employee qualifications significantly influences their independence, which requires less supervision by their superiors. It is also important that it gives them the opportunity to train other employees.

Employees, thanks to participation in training, often satisfy their needs for self-fulfillment, building paths of their own professional development. Participation in training, courses or conferences allows them to look at their work, position and processes from a distance. They can confront their daily routine with how others do it in other organizations. It enriches competences, often being the basis for undertaking new, more ambitious tasks in the future.

Many employees perceive training as a form of reward or distinction, which increases their motivation. The right decisions made by the managers in the field of development and training programs can significantly increase the identification with the company. The basis is the appropriate selection of training, on the one hand, to the strategy and goals of the organization, and on the other hand, to the expectations and aspirations of employees.

The SkillBox Competence Matrix easily visualizes each person’s level of competence in terms of specific skills. It helps and supports when planning the development path and highlights training gaps, which allows you to plan the employee’s development and thus the company’s development in a clear and transparent way.

So don’t be afraid of training – just plan it strategically.

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