Competence Matrix – what is it useful for in an organization?

The skill matrix is ​​a tool for organizing and controlling the skills, powers and strengths of the company’s employees. From the level of one program, we can view the competences of all people employed in the organization, which allows for optimal human resource management.

Competence matrix – why is it useful?

The competency matrix will allow us to easily look for replacements when one of the employees falls ill or is planning a vacation. Competency matrices are very attractive to read – their graphic format facilitates quick search and interpretation of the data we are interested in. Employee skills assessment using the competency matrix is ​​based on a five-level scale that determines the advancement level of each employee in the area of ​​individual competences:

1. The employee is undergoing training;
2. An employee has completed training and may work under the supervision of another employee;
3. The employee performs the work independently;
4. An employee can train other employees.

The rating scale can of course be adapted to the individual needs of each company, but the one presented above is one of the most frequently used. Based on the data contained in the competency matrix, we can also compare employees on the basis of weighted grades, i.e. the product of the weight of competencies and the grade awarded.

Competency matrix and employee development

Thanks to the competency matrix, we can easily evaluate the pace of development and commitment of each employee. This, in turn, will allow us to promote the best employees to higher positions based on objective data. This method of management will allow us to create optimal conditions for the development of employees and avoid situations in which employees slow down in search of new challenges that our company lacked.

The competency matrix can help us monitor not only the competencies of our employees, but also spot gaps in the skills of each department that may have a negative impact on the activities carried out and cooperation in project teams. Regular analysis of the competences of the members of individual teams will allow for the planning of internal training in accordance with the real needs resulting from the activities carried out and daily duties.

Monitoring the validity of documents and periodic evaluations

SkillBox, apart from the basic competency matrix, also has additional modules – the qualification matrix and the periodic evaluation system. These are complementary tools that additionally support the operation of the organization.

The qualification matrix is ​​a tool particularly useful in companies in which employees are required to renew various authorizations to operate machines, etc. The program monitors the validity date of individual qualifications and automatically sends notifications about their expiry. SkillBox also allows you to create qualification profiles for individual positions, specifying which qualifications / training are required for each position.

On the other hand, the periodic appraisal system allows the employee to be assessed as a whole. We can evaluate each member of the organization through the prism of soft skills, verify already assessed skills, set and verify goals, examine training needs and decide on a further development path.

The competency matrix is ​​an easy-to-use tool that, if properly implemented and regularly used, can significantly improve the work of the entire organization. In addition, the implementation of a competency matrix may have a positive impact on the motivation of employees to acquire new skills and conscious management of career development.

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