Competencies go on vacation.

Which competences are going on vacation?

Vacation time is slowly approaching. Due to the pandemic, we had to give up, among others, from trips – but now we have the green light and we are already preparing a list of things to be packed in our heads.

Unfortunately, for many employers and employees, this time is associated with stress, because the holidays must be planned so that, despite the employee’s absence, the tasks are performed at the highest possible level.

It also happens that employees (especially those in higher or specialist positions, with greater competences), due to the responsibility they have in a given position, do not want to go on vacation – according to the principle “they will not be able to cope without me”. So they prefer to use “long weekends”, “bridges” or “holiday breaks” to rest. This, in turn, does not really give them time to rest, which can lead to burnout and quitting their jobs.


So how to effectively plan holidays in order to be sure that each position will be replaced and that no competency gap will arise as a result of the employee’s vacation?

SkillBox24 gives you the ability to transparently control the level of skills in the organization. Thanks to the Competence Matrix, the supervisor has an insight into the competences and qualifications of employees, which makes it possible to verify that during the employee’s vacation there are people who have equal competences and will be able to replace him. that at every level in the organization there are enough employees with the appropriate competences.

Thanks to the system support, both the employee and the employer can go on a well-deserved leave, knowing that their duties are performed by competent and trained people.

Remember that vacation is primarily a time for rest and regeneration. So let’s spend it in such a way as to come back with a lot of energy and memories for a lifetime 🙂

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