Derecruitment – How to manage employee layoffs?

Termination, or firing employees, is always an unpleasant experience for both the employee and the employer. However, when employee termination is inevitable, appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that the process is as efficient and positive as possible for all parties involved.

We have prepared 5 points that will help you before this difficult, and for some, the toughest moment in the role of a manager:

1. Prepare in advance: Before starting to terminate employees, carefully analyze the situation. Make sure that all possible steps have been taken to avoid termination, such as offering additional training, changing positions, or compensation. Also, ensure that terminations are in accordance with current labor laws and company policy.

2. Be empathetic: When terminating an employee, it is important to be empathetic and show understanding for their situation. Explain the reasons for termination and ask if the employee needs support in finding a new job. It is also worthwhile to offer references or recommendations.

3. Maintain confidentiality: Terminating employees can be a sensitive matter, so it is important to maintain confidentiality. Keep information about termination only for those who need to know, such as the employee’s direct supervisors. Make sure that all employees are informed consistently and in accordance with company policy.

4. Prepare an action plan: Before terminating an employee, prepare an action plan in case unexpected problems arise. This plan should include information on transferring responsibilities, transferring information, and contacting the employee after termination.

5. Take care of the remaining employees: Terminating employees can have a negative impact on the morale of remaining employees. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consult with them and provide support if needed. You can organize a team meeting to explain the reasons for termination and ensure that remaining employees are important to the company.

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