How to build a relationship with the client?

Customer relationships should be the foundation of any business – but do you know how to build them?

Finding and understanding the customer requires a lot of effort, therefore maintaining the relationship is a very important element, especially now when there is high competitiveness in every field and a dissatisfied customer will quickly find a representative / business partner where he will receive what he needs and in the best form for him.

Relationships with the client are based on loyalty and satisfaction – but how can this be achieved?

1. The power of words: thank you and sorry. – being polite and polite is number 1 in building any kind of relationship

2. Sale without sale. Building a relationship with the client is, first of all, understanding his problem and only finally – offering a tool that solves these problems.

3. Let’s build informal relationships with customers – man does not live by the product alone. `It is worth establishing a conversation with the client on topics related to his business. Thanks to this, we will not only build an informal relationship, but also get to know our client better and be able to more effectively adapt the product to his needs.

4. Try to reach your customers through unusual channels. The most popular channel of business communication is e-mail. That is why it is sometimes worth using other channels, such as LinkedIn, Messenger on Facebook, or a phone call.

5. Speak the language of benefits. Who, if not you, knows your product better and knows what it can do – now this knowledge should be passed on to the customer. The phrase “this is the best HR software” does not speak of the benefits. Maybe it is the best product, but what will it give the customer?

6. Be flexible. It’s not always just black and white. Sometimes it is worth making a small bow to the client.

7. Offer help – consulting is very important – no matter what industry you do not work in. It is important for customers to know that there is someone who will answer their questions and look for solutions together.

8. Remember to smile. Regardless of whether it’s in face-to-face meetings (online / offline) or e-mails. Even when talking on the phone, you can “hear” whether someone smiles or not. In a friendly, but still professional conversation, a positive relationship with the client is strengthened.

The above points will not only pass the exam in relation to the client, but also work well in the employer-employee relationship or in personal relationships.

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