Trends in HR – What will change in 2022?

Trends in HR – What changes can we expect in 2022?

The job market is constantly changing. In recent years, the global pandemic, progressive digitization and socioeconomic changes have had a huge impact on the functioning of enterprises. The year 2022 will be no less dynamic. According to forecasts, the unemployment rate in Poland will drop, but we will still struggle with the uncertain epidemiological situation. This means the need for changes in recruitment and the ways of motivating employees. What elements will be key in shaping the working environment in 2022?

Culture of dialogue within the company

It is important to develop a communication channel between the HR department, the company’s management and employees. Employees want the company’s values ​​to be consistent with their own. Therefore, a new challenge for HR departments should be to create a work environment that will be attractive to potential new employees. What counts for Millennials and Generation Z is the company’s pro-environmental attitude and its bold voice on social issues. In this way, it is easier for them to identify with the company and feel proud of belonging to a given workplace. Employees also want to have a say in the work benefits offered to them – as recent studies show, it is not fruit Thursdays, but the possibility of remote work or flexible working hours, which constitute the greatest non-wage motivation.

Diversity & Inclusion

Social awareness is growing, and with it the emphasis on an inclusive work environment with equal development opportunities. It is worth checking whether the course of the interview in our company is standardized, and also conducting surveys to check whether employees, regardless of gender or nationality, feel properly satisfied, noticed and treated equally.

Stress management

It is important to build security and psychological comfort in the company. Nowadays, there is more and more talk about mental health. It is estimated that around a billion people worldwide struggle with mental disorders, and the pandemic has only aggravated anxiety, stress and depression among millions of people. More and more employees are leaving their jobs for mental health reasons, including those caused by factors in the workplace such as excessive stress. Due to mental health problems, as many as 68% of millennials and 81% of Generation Z representatives left work. A significant benefit in companies may therefore be free consultations with a psychologist or training in coping with stress. Employee support is one of the key elements that HR departments should focus on in 2022.


Of course, full digitization is a constantly developing trend. In 2022, a greater number of technological solutions and specialized software will be introduced that allow for analysis, reporting, remote company management or more automated recruitment of employees. Digitization also applies to remote or hybrid work. This is a model that many companies use today and that forces us to redefine the way employees are remunerated and motivated to work. It is worth considering the training system and development paths that await an employee working mostly from home.

Focus on talent and the development of employees’ skills / competences

The constantly changing technological landscape requires companies to be highly flexible and employees to quickly acquire new qualifications and skills. It is worth focusing on trainings taking place in the company and providing employees with the opportunity to expand their capabilities. Thanks to this, you will influence the involvement of employees, their satisfaction with their work, and they are the face and pillar of your company. Providing training opportunities will also attract people who are ambitious and want to develop to recruit. Employee development is a win-win situation. This is not only a trend in 2022, but also a constant phenomenon that helps enterprises to grow.

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