Webinar – a new dimension of employee training

What is a webinar? Most often it is educational, training or informative. As a new information channel, it gained popularity when companies switched to remote work. The dynamic changes that e-learning platforms have undergone, as well as streaming platforms contributed to the dissemination of the webinar as a modern training method. Access to knowledge is easier than ever.
Why does a webinar deserve the interest of employers? The argument in favor of implementing such a solution in the company is the generational change on the labor market. The new generation of employees places great emphasis on learning and development opportunities in the workplace. Opportunities for development, right after benefits, are presented by candidates as an argument decisive for starting work in a given company
What is the secret behind the popularity of webinars?

Advantages of a webinar

Webinars have many advantages. Some of them include: practicality – convenient access to materials from anywhere, a large selection of lectures with a wide spectrum of specializations, as well as interactivity. In addition, we can add to the list the optimization of the information exchange time.
Webinars allow an unlimited number of users to participate in training. During the seminar, they have the opportunity to actively participate in the seminar, including asking questions to the teacher. If we decide to record the training, the recorded material will remain available even after the end of the live broadcast. We can use the company’s website or popular external platforms, such as YouTube, to make it available. Depending on the needs and goals, we can make it available to all network users or a selected group – e.g. company employees.
A webinar gives a chance to transfer a set of relevant information remotely, and thus generates a number of savings in the company’s budget, related to, inter alia, with no need to delegate employees on a business trip or to rent a conference room.

New opportunities for the HR department

The technology market offers many tools and solutions that are designed to improve the work of human resource management departments. Recording webinars is just one of the ways to make managers and trainers work more efficiently.
A webinar is an excellent method of efficiently conducting not only training, but also the onboarding process. It should be remembered that larger companies also mean higher employee turnover and a dynamically changing work environment. In order to efficiently implement new employees into this environment, it is worth using online platforms. With their help, it is possible to contact, conduct training and check the knowledge acquired by the employee (through online tests). HR staff and team leaders will save a lot of time in this way. Running a webinar database in the cloud ensures constant access to training materials.

How webinars revolutionize business?

Webinars have a positive impact on many levels of business. They are the optimal channel for transmitting the most important information. They enable direct contact with the recipient and adjustment of the transmitted content in real time. It influences the increase of engagement among the recipients. Depending on the industry in which we operate, these may be employees of our company or customers.

Webinars help businesses increase their reach and brand awareness. Conducting a seminar or participation of employees in a webinar also positively influences the company’s image. By conducting online training, it can become an expert in the field of its activity. Employees, on the other hand, get a chance to improve their competences and develop a new set of soft skills.
The development of industry and technology generates the need to constantly expand knowledge and improve qualifications. In order to be able to maintain a strong position on the market, companies invest in training their staff. Crew equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge achieve higher results, work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. Employees are also more likely to tie their future to a company that cares about their development.

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